Closing Earnings Tax Saving and Tax Planning Recordsdata – By Asset Yogi

Closing Earnings Tax Saving and Tax Planning Recordsdata – By Asset Yogi

Earnings tax saving pointers and tax planning for salary earnings up to Rs 16 lakhs. This video will educate a individual or perchance a salaried employee solutions to carry out earnings tax calculation by availing all on hand tax saving alternatives
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Time Stamps:
00: 00 – Intro
01: 57- Picking Tax Slab
02: 41- Excel Demo
03: 35- Worker Provident Fund (EPF)
04: 03- Exemptions below Portion 10
07: 34- Deductions
07: 40- Long-established Deduction
07: 50-Deduction u/s 24 (Dwelling Property)
09: 48- Deduction u/s 80c.
12: 50- Deduction u/s 80D.
18: 10- Bonus Tip (Home Loan)
18: 37- File Tax?
About the Video

At the discontinuance of every financial three hundred and sixty five days, we juggle with tax-saving and search the web for tax-saving pointers. Authorities presents earnings tax deductions to a salaried employee as an earnings tax savings likelihood. We all wish to attach tax nonetheless most of us don’t learn about tax-saving investments and earnings tax exemption. We both rent a tax expert for tax planning or carry out it ourselves.
When your salary bracket increases over time, it turns into sophisticated to attach tax. We make investments in irrelevant investments here and there trusty to attach tax without lawful planning. There are tax deductions below various heads that encompass funding in NPS, ELSS, and EPF that one can deduct up to a obvious restrict to diminish the tax outgo. We occupy talked about all these on this video. This video will details a salaried employee with earnings up to Rs 16 lakhs about tax saving and tax planning. Right here is a capable recipe for earnings tax planning, that will resolve all factors relating to tax planning for the particular individual.

On this video, we occupy explained:
1. Tax planning details for folk.
2. Tax saving pointers
3. Earnings tax calculation utilizing excel.
4. What are tax-saving devices?
5. attach tax?
6. Tax saving alternatives.
7. carry out tax planning for salaried of us?
8. carry out tax planning for salary earnings?
9. Earnings tax exemption alternatives.
10. Normal and New tax slab.
11. avail earnings tax deductions for salaried employees?
12. What are earnings tax saving alternatives?
13. Tax planning in hindi.
14. carry out tax planning with a 10 lakhs salary?
15. Enact it your self (DIY) earnings tax planning.
16. Tax planning thru tax-saving devices.
17. attach tax?
Internet procedure

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