Investing in Real Property in Cairo, Egypt, and within the Recent Administrative Capital

Investing in Real Property in Cairo, Egypt, and within the Recent Administrative Capital

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Real estate in Cairo is extremely cheap and there are more than one catalysts for direct. Or no longer it is even likely to carry apartments for decrease than $500 per m2 with a authorities whisper (!)
10 year instalment plans in local currency are also on hand to non-residents.
The opportunities I seen on the bottom in Egypt had been very compelling. I will be capable of not order I turn out to be awaiting it.

Time stamps:

00: 00 Introduction
00: 36 Why invest in Egypt (reforms, demographics, curiosity charges, and plenty others)
04: 50 Obvious results of the reforms
05: 20 The dangers of investing in Egypt
07: 00 Real estate in Cairo, Egypt, and the Recent Administrative Capital
09: 20 Compound living in Egypt
10: 00 Investing in precise estate within the Recent Administrative Capital
10: 30 Why other folks will fling to the Recent Administrative Capital
12: 30 Procuring precise estate in Egypt for decrease than $500 per m2
17: 48 Condo yields within the Recent Administrative Capital in Egypt

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